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An examination of how to maximise your organisation's position.

A meeting with Trusted Trader Consulting's Director, Megan White, will allow examination of your organisation's current trade processes and procedures, any implications via data analysis, as well as reporting on your importing/exporting compliance status. A range of services are available and can be tailored to suit the specific needs of your company, no matter the size and budget.

With over 40 years' experience in customs and trade, Megan is the perfect consultant to advise and assist you with these needs and streamline your business today. Get in touch to learn more about how Trusted Trader Consulting (TTC) can help you.


A necessity for supply chain optimisation and quality assurance.

The Australian Border Force's (ABF) Australian Trusted Trader (ATT) initiative is a must have for every importer, exporter and corporate customs brokerage to take advantage of being part of the global 'norm' in today's heavily regulated trade and security compliance environment.

ATT is a partnership with Australian business to streamline legitimate trade. Become an accredited Trusted Trader and save your business time and money. Contact the team at Trusted Trader Consulting to discuss your ATT readiness today, or for any other regulatory advice. 

Included in a Trusted Trader Application:​

  • Pre-application assessment

  • Trade compliance and supply chain security review

  • Operating systems capability

  • Communication and information quality

  • Systems security measures

  • International supply chain security risk assessment

  • Personnel security

  • Premises physical security

  • Transport security

  • Container security

  • Packing procedures

  • Security for goods

  • Compliance with Customs related laws

  • Responsibilities in relation to other persons


Ensure compliance in all operations in relation to trade.

Trade compliance must be the primary goal of all importers and exporters, ensuring your personnel know the rules and regulations, how to manage and abide by these, and how to allow a maximum gain for your business. Compliance promotes integrity, ensures your business is meeting the legal obligations with Customs and other government agencies and upholds your company standards. 

At Trusted Trader Consulting we offer a range of import, export and trade compliance services including: 

  • Initial meeting and assessment

  • Import/export compliance audits

  • Audit of the previous four years' of data

  • Report on findings

  • Corrective action plan


Maximise your business and trading with our additional services.

We also offer a range of additional services to cater to all aspects of your trade, compliance customs brokerage, importing and exporting. 

  • Tariff advice and tariff concession applications

  • Valuation and origin rulings

  • Transfer Pricing

  • Voluntary disclosure submission

  • Anti-dumping and countervailing duties

  • Free Trade Agreement (FTA) advice

  • Drawbacks

  • Refunds

  • And more....!